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  Many would see me as complete, well put together, and in control. These days however, it would seem to be the opposite. although i have my priorities right, it would seem that everything else around me is seemingly falling apart, and as time goes by, there things seem to get out of control. My Family just moved state to state, I must say that this has not been kind. We have experienced much that has been hard acquired. For example just finding housing has been difficult. We won't discuss the job market. I came from Nebraska, There were jobs there, lots of jobs, all pay scales, yet Nebraska has its kinks, like be careful of your kids there, the state is too eager to take your kids from you. I know this from first hand experience. My wife and i spent Six years of our lives in and out of court rooms there, i still have all the documents to support this claim. I didn't even Vote this year because there was no tangible candidate worthy of my vote. Extended Family? well that has another turn for the worst for me...only a very few are even close enough to know where i am. I once thought that Family was Golden, worth keeping, alas, they have chosen to take their distance and make it permanent. so much for Family.Even third oldest Son decided to stay with his Domineering Girlfriend. We still speak..Only when She lets him. I guess it would be better if i didn't have any feelings left. As it is, I'm not sure whom to let in other than those who have walked the miles with me. No I do not expect you the reader to understand the hardships I have been through, that would be ridiculous. Even my Family still treats me as though i'm a workhorse and nothing more, sad huh? A Vet, A Dad, A Husband, and still i go through each day watching, to see what will be expected of me, if and when tomorrow arrives. Yet, still the Common attitude is "Loser". Well guess it's time I fade into the sunset, just like the cowboys of old... Peace be to You and Your Home. Blessed Be.

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